Aerosol Lube

Industrial Super Lube Aerosol

  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • a. Less inventory-will replace all other aerosol and liquid type lubricant products.
    b. Less used oil to dispose.
    c. Reduced component wear.
    d. Decreased “down time” to replace oil and parts.
    e. Thousands of uses.
  • Super Lubricant.
  • Reduced hazard of fire or explosion.
  • Non-Conductive.
  • Long lasting film lubricant.
  • Energy savings.
  • Increased tool life and better finished cut (Metalworking).

Grease Products

New Ultra Penetrate Aerosol

High-Temp E.P Lithium Complex Grease

High-Temp E.P Polyurea Grease

High-Temp E.P Food Grade Grease

Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic Fluid Supplement

Hydraulic Fluid Supplement for High Voltage

Soluble Oil

Heavy Duty General purpose soluble oil

Extra Duty General purpose soluble oil


Metal Works





Bar & Chain Products

Permium Bar & Chain Oil

Permium Bar & Chain Oil (Biodegrable)

Refrigeration Oils

Refriferation Oil Supplement

Synthetic Refriferation Oil Supplement

Refriferation Oil

Synthetic (PAO) Refriferation Oil

Food Grade Synthetic (PAO) Refriferation Oil (Kosher)

Synthetic (PAO) Food Screw Compressor Oils for Refrigeration Systems & Ammonia Systems



Specialized Products for Specialized Needs

One more step you can take to improve machine performance is to ensure that you are using the right lubricant. General-purpose lubricants simply don’t hold up to the demands made by specialized equipment running at peak loads. PPX™ is formulated with a complete range of lubrication products to deliver the exact specifications required for almost any industrial, automotive or manufacturing application.