PPX™ = Protection, Performance & Profits

Our advanced lubrication technology can make the difference. PPX™ lubrication products are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve performance and reduce mechanical failure. PPX™' formula is a semi-synthetic based, modified hydrocarbon molecule that bonds to metal surfaces and smoothes them out, reducing the friction between them. Reduced friction delivers a host of benefits that will pump up your bottom line:

• Helps to increase longer operating life
• Helps to decrease downtime
• Helps to lower maintenance expenses
• Helps increase horsepower and performance
• Helps lower energy/fuel consumption
• Helps increase lubricant life with less contamination

PPX™ can be added to virtually any petroleum and most synthetic oils, and with 30 years of use by leading companies, it's proven to work. So if you want greater protection, performance and profit, get PPX™.


PPX™ = Lower Energy Usage

Results From the Real World

For proof of PPX™ effectivness in reducing friction, just look at these test results carried out by leading compainesin a varieity of firlds. They tried PPX™ in their own machinery and compared the energy usage with the same machinery before and after the addition of PPX™.