JR & MIKE WADE World’s Fastest Pick-Up in 1/4 Mile 5.76 Seconds/241 MPH 1/4 Mile
STAN SHAW World’s Fastest Street Legal Street Car57 Chevy, with two 4 Barrel Carburetors, Non Nitrous Oxide 7.67 Seconds/180 MPH 1/4 Mile
ELI SCHROCK 12 Years Old. Old Dominion Kart Racing Point Champion, Rookie of the Year, Driver of the Year, 6 Wins.
DICK RUTAN Long Easy Experimental Aircraft Numerous World Speed and Distance Records
TONY RODRIGUEZ AMRA & AHDRA Hold Two National ET Records. (American Motorcycle Racing Assoc., & All Harley Drag Racing Assoc.)
270 CUMMINS DIESEL ENGINE The World’s Only Diesel Engine That Runs Without Oil
CAPTAIN CANUCK JOE ROTH – Ford Escort World’s Only Wheel Standing Front Wheel Drive Vehicle.
BROCK’S PERFORMANCE 2010 BMW S 1000 RR Motorcycle 8.49 Seconds/153 MPH 1/4 Mile
GEOFF BODINE NASCAR Team Owner/Driver Won Three NASCAR Races & the Winston Select in 1 year
EDDIE BELLO World Fastest Porsche in the Standing Mile 236.6 Miles Per Hr.
NICK VANNUGTERRAN Rotary Reliability & Racing World’s Fastest Mazda RX-7 at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1 Mile. The Following Year He Did. 190.987 MPH / 197.21 MPH
PETRON PLUS 20 Engines Running Without Oil At Atlanta Motor Speedway
WARREN JOHNSON Dyno Tested an Engine, Then Added PPX Formula 7 Synthetic Engine Conditioner to the Oil 1290 HP To 1340-1345 HP
TIM FRY American Outboard Federation Numerous Championship
FISHER BUGGIES World's Fastest VW in 1/8 Mile
World's Fastest VW in 1/4 Mile
4.69 Seconds/152 MPH 1/8 Mile
7.44 Seconds/179 MPH 1/4 Mile
FBI They Cleaned, Then Lubricated a H&K MP5 Machine Gun with PPX Industrial Super Lube It Fired 300 Rounds more per Minute, than it had ever fired.